Dahlia 'Alfred Grille'

'Alfred Grille' Dahlia, Cactus Dahlias

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Dahlia 'Alfred Grille', 'Alfred Grille' Dahlia, Cactus Dahlias, Bicolor Dahlia Flowers, Pink Dahlias, Orange Dahlias, yellow Dahlias, Dahlia Tubers, Dahlia Bulbs, Dahlia Flower, Dahlia Flowers, summer bulbs

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Award-winning Dahlia 'Alfred Grillecan leave no one untouched! It makes quite an impression on onlookers with its profusion of spectacular salmon pink flowers blending to gold at their heart! No wonder it won multiple awards. Just look at it! The fully double flowers, up to 6-8 in. wide (15-20 cm), enjoy elongated velvety petals that curve elegantly towards the face of the bloom and contrast beautifully with the dark green foliage. They are not top-heavy and remain nice and straight even when it rains. 

★ Blooming prodigiously from July until Frost, this dahlia grows up to 40 inches (100 cm) and is an excellent choice to create a lovely garden display or for showing.

★ A great pick for borders, containers or as cut flowers thanks to its superb vase life. Did you know that the more you cut Dahlia flowers, the more flowers you get? This makes Dahlias twice as nice: pretty in a vase, pretty in the garden. A great big flower in a vase or floating in a shallow bowl makes the perfect eye-catcher.

★ Best flowering occurs in full sun, but light shade will be welcomed in hot summer areas.

★ Winner of multiple awards (over 200 according to the American Dahlia Society!)

Dahlia 'Alfred Grille', 'Alfred Grille' Dahlia, Cactus Dahlias, Bicolor Dahlia Flowers, Pink Dahlias, Orange Dahlias, yellow Dahlias, Dahlia Tubers, Dahlia Bulbs, Dahlia Flower, Dahlia Flowers, summer bulbs

★ Provide consistent moisture during the growing season and do not allow soils dry out. Plant in a sheltered location to protect your dahlias from strong winds. 

★ Best in groups of 5 for best visual effect. Deadhead spent flowers to promote growth of additional flower buds. 

​​Not what you are looking for? No problem, we have plenty other fabulous Dahlias!

★ If you live in a cool area (hardiness zones 3-7) and you want to save your dahlia bulbs, or more precisely, your dahlia tubers for next spring, you may dig them up before the first frost and store them over winter before replanting them next spring. Store them in boxes, covered with moistened sand in a cool, dark, frost-free place where temperature remains between 45-50 °F (7-10°C).

★ This Dahlia is a member of the Cactus Dahlias which have the most exceptional blooms. The Dahlia flowers have beautiful ‘spiny’ petals that are rolled up along more than two-thirds of their length. Sometimes, the petals are straight from the base to the tip, but they can also curve inward or outward. The petals are often narrow and pointed, and some have deeply incised tips. These are the ones known as spider dahlias, and they make real eye-catchers!

★ Dahlias come originally from Central and South America, particularly Mexico where they are the national flower. In their homeland, their natural habitats are cool moist mountain slopes. Their flowers were prized for their beauty early on, and the Aztecs used the tubers as a food crop as well as for medicinal purposes. Botanists who boarded the ships of the Spanish conquistadores discovered the imposing flower in the 17th century. Europeans first tested them as a food crop but soon admired them for their beautiful flowers. The plant was named in honor of A. Dahl, a Swedish botanist. This scientific name became so established that a common name for dahlias never took hold.
During the nineteenth century, the dahlia began stealing the hearts of people all over the world; today there are 20,000 different varieties. And every one is a descendent of one of the original species such as Dahlia rosea.



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Hardiness Zones8 - 10
full sun Full Sun
partial sun Partial Sun
Plant TypeBulb, Perennial
Period Of InterestEarly Summer - Frost
HeightUp to 40 in. (100 cm)
Spacing18-24 in. (45-60 cm)
FeaturesAttractive, Cut flowers
Garden UsesBeds, Borders, Containers, Cottage Gardens, Cutting Gardens
Soil TypeClay, Sand or Loam
Soil PHAcid, Alkaline or Neutral
Soil DrainageWell-Drained, Moist But Well-Drained
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Planting Instructions

1. Planting should happen in spring after all danger of frost is gone

2. Space the tubers 3-4 ft apart for large dahlias or 2 ft. apart for smaller dahlias

3. Dig a 12 x 12 inch deep hole (30 x 30 cm)

4. Mix organic matter to the soil that has been removed

5. Fill the hole with the above mix to a depth of 6 inches

6. Put in the tuber horizontally, eye facing upward

7. Cover it with the remainder of the soil

8. Press the soil down around the roots and water the planting area thoroughly

9. When the sprout emerges from the ground, gradually add more soil mix until the hole is totally filled.


★ Dahlias thrive on regular rainfall in most areas though will require watering in arid and desert climates.

★ Dahlias grow in fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soils.

★ Feed monthly with bloom type fertilizer to ensure full blooms

★ Pinch back new growth when the dahlia is a foot high (30 cm) to promote a compact, bushy growth

★ Remove spent blooms to encourage new blooms

★ The stalks are woody, so aphids can attack them. A spray with insecticidal soap or even physically washing the aphids off a few times with a strong jet of water usually solves this.

★ Cut back almost to ground level in fall, before lifting and storing for the winter.

★ In USDA zone 9 dahlias can be treated as perennial hardy bulbs and left in the ground. In zones 7-8 and below, dahlias either need to be lifted and stored for winter in a dry and cool place - between 50°F and 60°F (10°C and 15°C), or treated as annuals with new tubers or bedding plants planted each spring. 

★ If you decide to leave the dahlia tubers in the ground over winter, apply a 6 - 12 inches of mulch over the ground

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